Ecological Health

Ecological Health and Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver works with member municipalities and other partners to identify and protect sensitive ecosystems, and to assess ecological health at a regional scale.

Ecosystem services are the vast range of benefits nature provides that support and enhance our quality of life. Ecosystem services include basic provisions like water, food and wood; regulating processes including floods or soil erosion and helping us adapt to and mitigate climate change; cultural services such as spiritual connections, cognitive development and personal connections to nature; and habitat – essentially homes for plants and animals natural to this region. Ecological health captures the connection between healthy functioning ecosystems, the services they provide, and human well-being.

By maintaining and enhancing the integrity of ecosystems and other natural features, we all continue to benefit from the ecosystem services that contribute to our collective well-being and prosperity.

Ecological Health Action Plan

The Ecological Health Action Plan examines maintaining and improving the health of the region’s ecosystems. The Plan identifies 12 short and medium-term projects that in four broad areas within Metro Vancouver’s mandate:

  • Advance the regional green infrastructure network
  • Support salmon in the cities
  • Supplement ecosystem services
  • Reduce toxics

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