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Brunette-Fraser Regional GreenwayBrunette-Fraser Regional Greenway-122.89301949.217292<div class="ExternalClass163DBEA62771464584690C7CA2DA9577"><p>​<strong>Sapperton Landing </strong>can only be accessed by heading north on East Columbia St in New Westminster. Take the slip about 100m south of Cumberland St. Cross the railway tracks and turn right onto the single-lane road to the small parking area. IF YOU MISS THE SLIP AND PASS THE TRAFFIC LIGHT AT CUMBERLAND ST, YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND YOUR WAY BACK AND TRY AGAIN. THERE IS NO LEFT TURN FROM E. COLUMBIA ST TO CUMBERLAND ST.</p></div>





Brunette-FraserBrunette-Fraser<div class="ExternalClassB8722EC17D9C45CF84A9D1F5E6652648"><ul><li>Campfires are permitted in designated areas with containment facilities (i.e. fire rings/pits), and only as local fire authorities allow</li><li>Portable CSA or ULC approved campfire apparatus are permitted in designated areas</li><li>Briquette and propane barbeques and gas cooking stoves are permitted in approved facilities under direct supervision – if you are using briquettes, PLEASE dispose of them carefully in provided receptacles</li><li>Report all forest fires to 911 and Parks staff<br><br>For more information call 604-432-6350.</li></ul></div>2018-05-15T07:00:00ZMODERATE



Site preparation for new Sapperton Pump Station UNDERWAY<div class="ExternalClass4365585C6F494CA39926887557389F3A"><p>Site preparation for the new Sapperton Pump Station at the foot of Cumberland Street in New Westminster is now underway. The first phase of this project includes soil remediation. Construction of the pump station will follow and is scheduled for completion in 2019. As there will be no public access to the site, cyclists and pedestrians should plan alternate routes between Sapperton Landing and Spruce Street. </p><p>Sapperton Landing will remain open and can be accessed from Cumberland Street. Park visitors should expect to encounter construction crews and equipment; and are reminded to follow posted safety signs and the directions of traffi­c control personnel.</p><p>The existing pump station has been in place since the 1970s. It needs to be replaced to address the age of the infrastructure and the growing population. The new pump station site will include a public washroom, plaza, parking, seating, viewing areas and an extension to the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway. For information on the project, call 111.111.1111.</p></div>True





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