Protect and Enhance Natural Features

Why it's important to the region

Ecological health is important to ensuring our region is livable and sustainable. In 2011, there were over 181,000 hectares of sensitive and important modified ecosystems in the region. These natural areas offer environmental benefits such as cleaner water and more abundant biodiversity, as well as offering recreation and healthy lifestyle opportunities, often at a lower cost than built infrastructure. In parts of the region, important natural ecosystems are thriving. However, in the more urbanized Regional Core many have been lost, and what remains is often fragmented and in poorer condition, reducing the ecosystem services provided.


What it means for you

Fresh clean water
Less risk of flooding
Outdoor recreation opportunities


Performance measures

Sensitive Ecosystems  

Communities Rely on Ecosystem Services

Protect lands

Sensitive and Modified Ecosystems

Sensitive and Modifies Ecosystems

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