The Goal

Protect and enhance natural features and their connectivity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigate and prepare for climate change.

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How are we doing

Strategy 3.1

Protect Conservation & Recreation Lands

Nearly half of the region’s land base is protected by the Conservation and Recreation designation, including watersheds, parks, and conservation areas.

Strategy 3.2

Protect & Enhance Natural Features

In 2011, over 181,000 hectares of ecosystems contributed to the ecological health of the region, and most were thriving. However, the few ecosystems that remain in the region’s urban areas are at greater risk. Future data will illustrate change.

Strategy 3.3

Reduce GHGs & Energy Use & Improve Air Quality

Though regional greenhouse gas emissions are falling, and the development of compact urban areas supports that decline, it is unlikely that the region will meet its ambitious reduction targets for 2020.

Strategy 3.4

Prepare for Climate Change

Municipalities across the region are implementing policies, programs, and actions to prepare for climate change. An appropriate measure for climate change preparedness has not yet been developed for the region.

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