Zero Waste Conference 2017 - Plastics, Richard Thompson Waste Conference 2017 - Plastics, Richard Thompson<div class="ExternalClass4E40BEA9A54C4B5CA288E38A0178016D">Lightweight and durable, plastics are a valuable and ever-growing component of our economy that provide broad social and environmental benefits. But limited recovery and reuse has also led to one of the greatest environmental issues of our time: plastics in our oceans and in our sea life. Current trends suggest that by mid-century the weight of plastic in the ocean could surpass the biomass of all fish. This panel will discuss what’s at stake, and spotlight the latest global developments to stem this leakage and keep plastics out of our ocean and in our economy.<br><br>RICHARD THOMPSON<br>Professor of Marine Biology and Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Science and Engineering at Plymouth University<br><br>Richard Thompson is Professor of Marine Biology and Associate Dean, Research in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Plymouth University. Much of Professor Thompson’s work over the last decade has focused on marine debris, with numerous publications and significant research funding on this topic. Professor Thompson co-authored the European Union Marine Strategy Framework Directive text on marine litter, prepared reports for the United Nations Global Environment Facility and United Nations Environment Programme, and was lead editor for two substantial journal volumes on plastic litter. In 2014 he presented his research to the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, at his Our Ocean meeting in Washington. He has also presented to OECD nations and G7 nations. Recent work by his team directly informed the UK Government decision to introduce legislation on the use of microplastics in cosmetics. He is currently working with G7 nations on the monitoring of marine litter. Professor Thompson obtained his first degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and his PhD from Liverpool University.<br><br></div>2419581722017-11-22T08:00:00ZGP0|#595b444c-e0a7-4ad5-b808-a51b3c726c8e;L0|#0595b444c-e0a7-4ad5-b808-a51b3c726c8e|Solid Waste;GTSet|#7d31088e-909b-4ce9-9585-a55a27d70a4eZWC, ZWC 2017GP0|#1ccc3f3f-6d7e-4cb9-885c-89a84a2ec4be;L0|#01ccc3f3f-6d7e-4cb9-885c-89a84a2ec4be|Conferences;GTSet|#3d357c88-453e-43b3-bc55-5eb23d8a9117

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