Survivor 101

Survivor 101



Metro Vancouver’s popular professional development program, Survivor 101, is co-hosted by Metro Vancouver and local municipalities. Presented all across the region, this programming is designed for grassroots community groups, board members, volunteers and artists.  The format for these workshops is interactive using experienced presenters and offering peer to peer networking opportunities. More workshops are slated for 2019  with the dates to be confirmed.

To date close to 300 participants from across the region have completed one or more of the workshops in the series, and the completed surveys from each workshop indicate a strong desire for the continuation of this series and re‐running of popular and critical topics.

Collaboration and Cultural Hubs

Wednesday, November 21
5:00 to 8:00pm
ACT Arts Centre
11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC

$20 per person
 Register Here

What are the hallmarks of successful partnerships and strong networks? Join us to hear from a panel of community collaborators who will share some new and interesting ways to improve collaborations and partnerships including the shared use of spaces and places. In this interactive forum, we will be exploring how successful partnerships and networks begin with identifying what each potential partner needs and has to give, finding synergies and pursuing next steps to create a collective vision, raise capital, complete the legal homework and get further into the nitty, gritty details. Speakers include Robi Smith and Kat Wahamaa, Artists in Residence in Maple Ridge,  Minna Schendlinger, former Facility Manger for The Post at 750 cultural hub and 110 Arts Cooperative and Jessica Wadsworth, Executive Director CADA/West at Left of Main cultural hub.  This workshop will end with a reception and more networking opportunities as part of the annual Cultural Networks Celebration event.

If you have any question(s) for the panel speakers to address, please send it to [email protected].  


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