Housing is addressed by Metro Vancouver in two key ways.

Through its Affordable Housing function, Metro Vancouver helps increase the availability of a stable regional supply of affordable housing through development projects, information sharing, and partnerships, as well as through addressing housing affordability more broadly through policies and programs.

Through Metro Vancouver Housing, a non-profit organization with Metro Vancouver as the sole shareholder, safe and affordable rental homes are provided for more than 9,000 people on 49 sites across the Metro Vancouver region. Sites are diverse, mixed-income communities that include families, seniors, and people with disabilities. Metro Vancouver Housing offers a range of homes, from single room occupancy (SRO) units to four-bedroom townhomes, at below-market rates and rates based on tenants’ incomes.

The two functions work in close collaboration on processes and decisions related to the development of affordable housing projects, and in particular as they relate to the redevelopment of the Metro Vancouver Housing portfolio of mixed-income housing complexes.