Metro Vancouver

This dashboard provides a centralized view of the performance indicators of each of our services, offering a year-over-year indication of performance in relation to objectives set or industry benchmarks if available.

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air quality and climate changeair quality and climate change<div class="ExternalClass83395B85A812488FB681762E35E81695"><p>net corporate GHGs<br></p></div>, Air Quality10,705tonnes CO2e
centralized support servicescentralized support services<div class="ExternalClass478B996B5838436085D1692564E876CF"><p>for the data centre<br></p></div>, Support Services99.99%uptime
housinghousing<div class="ExternalClassD5D4F6D8567B4979A46DDB124E0CE6D1"><p>at Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation<br></p></div>, Housing0.5%vacancy
liquid wasteliquid waste<div class="ExternalClass0BEBC7EC183A4E77B5D1A3C3608011CA"><p>collected & treated<br></p></div>, Liquid Waste449,541ML
regional parksregional parks<div class="ExternalClass6DA57BBB79FA4F82A98332C5A4600181"><p>visits</p></div>, Regional Parks11.9million
regional planningregional planning<div class="ExternalClassAFC8083844054A6496785E5F92F7CB67"><p>in the Urban Containment Boundary<br></p></div>, Planning98%of residential growth
other regional servicesother regional services<div class="ExternalClassCAD0C882924947C38F71C6ECE3440F9C"><p>serviced by Regional Employers Services</p></div>, Regional Services49collective agreements
solid wastesolid waste<div class="ExternalClass6386B80F8B5A41959636AA40F1BDE50B"><p>of waste from disposal<br></p></div>, Solid Waste62%diversion
waterwater<div class="ExternalClass301F43A4652949C29DD1F587BAC4B060"><p>daily water use<br></p></div>, Water438litres per capita

Performance indicators have been an important element in Metro Vancouver’s annual budgeting process for several years, reported out in the annual workplans. Dashboard data is updated annually in the second quarter when the previous year's data becomes available; currently the most recent figures are for 2017.




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